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Thanks to expert instruction accessible to all players, the WDR ACADEMY helps both beginners to develop their passion for flight, and upcoming pros to hone their skills.


Discover the basics of technical design, initial piloting, and flight/race etiquette.


Refine your advanced design and motor skills, compare different technologies, get tech advice, and learn best practices.


Sharpen your flight technique with personal coaching and evaluation for beginner, expert and pro.


WDR is committed to help the sport of drone racing to develop and thrive. Meet the future award-winning talents we support:

Thomas GROUT

Thomas is in 11th grade. He has flown model aircraft since 2011. He began immersive experience flight with quadcopters, then in March 2016 was selected to participate in the World Drone Prix in Dubai. In August 2016, he competed in the Trophée de France finishing second in dead heat, and first in junior division. Thomas, better known by his pseudonym ‘TomaHawK’ in FPV racing, has grown increasingly fond of competitive racing, and wears the color orange. At the end of the World Cup FAI 2017 season, he came out third overall, and placed first in both the junior and French divisions. That same season, he took fourth place in the French Championship and became the first junior league champion in France. Outside of competing, Thomas designs, assembles and prepares all his craft himself. Moreover, he obtained his BIA certification in 2014, and plans to continue his studies in this emerging field.


Guillaume, aka ‘Fénobil 09’, began piloting a drone in the summer of 2016 with his father’s ZMR model, then with his own first ‘tweaker’ craft. He participated in his first race on January 22, 2017 – the day of his 8th birthday! He loves racing and trains hard to emulate the best of the French pilots. He practices freestyle flight very little, due to lack of time. But he possesses a very competitive spirit. His short-term goal is to rank among the top ten French drone pilots. That, to be determined next September at the Championship of France. …Besides drone racing, Guillaume loves extreme ‘gliding’ sports (on sea, over land, and in air). He engages in ramp skateboarding and surfing. He devours manga and anime as much as he loves PlayStation gaming. Guillaume was born in the city of Mamoudzou in the Mayotte isles (off of Madagascar), and came to France in 2015. His family settled at the gates of Paris, where he trains at the FMRC club at Plailly and at RIC in Rosny-sous-Bois.


She has discovered FPV in 2015 (January). Since May 2015 she is a guest speaker for Intel, Hackerspace, Geek Girls Carrots, Women in Tech and others, sharing her passion for drones and FPV, as well as recruiting more women and men to join the hype. Since 2016 she showed up on multiple drone races and events (thinking that FPV is for everyone, so this
need to be shown). For the work in favor of the community she was awarded by “Women And Drones” and “Drone 360” with a prize “Women to watch in UAS” in category Emerging. In 2017 she won 2nd place in Freestyle on FAI Ukraine race, and 4th place in IDSC Korea. In 2018 she managed to get 8th place in Southern German Drone Race (120 pilots- the first time in German History to have a girl in semi-finals). She started working with FAI as a subcommittee in 2018 and visiting various events around the globe almost every week, while

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