A Story of Passion and Talent

We forge our activities according to a vision and drive that grows within day-by-day in order to always fly higher …farther, …and faster.



Our Company

WDR structures itself around 5 complementary activities.
This allows us to bring together a growing public of drone enthusiasts.


Management of national, international and sponsorship competitions.


Unique and unforgettable event planning tailored to your company or city.


Consulting with you on commercial regulations, craft design, research and sales development.


The WDR Academy creates excitement, opens opportunities, and helps promote piloting talent.


As an independent press group, we imagine magazine concepts, and publish editorial content.

Flight Logbook

WDR is among the first pioneers in drone racing, and has helped develop the market since the very beginning.



Creation of the media publishing group B&K Presse



200,000 visitors to the site Helicomicro



2,500 test flights and reviews drafted and published on Helicomicro



First Multirotor Magazine with 20,000 imprints

Spring 2015


Worldwide Premiere: Drone Festival of Cabourg, FPV in public and urban zone racing, 22,000 attendees


USA Tests Filming

Filming of technical tests in California and Nevada, USA


World Cup Lyon

Organization of the first World Cup in Lyon, France



Race Management of the first FAI World Cup
and first World Championship
in Shenzhen, China

China FAI World Cup

In 2018, WDR took part in the biggest drone race in China – a great chance to soar higher.


Laurent KHONG

Driven by his passion for the sport, as entrepreneur, enthusiast, and expert in drone racing and sporting events.

Passionate by aeromodelling for +30 years, Laurent`began his carreer in the French Army. He then`worked as international news reporter, wrote for`motorcycles magazines, and finally for high`technologies magazines. For him, drone market is a`perfect way to mix his numerous passions. Deeply`committed to make this sport accessible to`everyone, Laurent also helps pilots to become professionals. He regularly intervenes in debates regarding regulations, and is often asked to speak on TV shows during public debates. Today, he is a renowned expert on its market and guides companies who want to take a step into this world or just want to better understand it. He often acts as a consultant when there are worldwide challenges. He supervises global championships, and guides drone makers, helping them better target their audience. Laurent is also co-founder of the daily news www.helicomicro.com .

Frédéric BOTTON

Holds 18 years experience as media editor, and expert in drone regulation and communication.

Journalism and writing for general and specialized press are his passions for 20 years. He became passionate by drone universe…even before they be named drones. Since 2010, he tests all commercialized aircrafts, from the tiniest, the biggest, the most agile, the fastest, to those with bembedded cameras and racing vectors. He recently published the 3 rd edition of his best-seller, dedicated to leisure drones. He is editor in chief of the daily news magazine www.helicomicro.com . He loves discovering new technologies and hard testing them to assess their potential. He helped the publication of numerous bills, while giving explanations to the public. This made him a renowned specialist of leisure drone regulations. He also takes part in the European regulation system.

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